My Kitchen Remodel!


I have never, ever, ever done a kitchen remodel before and I’m both nervous and excited! This is the 6th home that my husband and I have lived in, and it needs almost as much work as our starter home did! We hadn’t planned to do the kitchen, but our dishwasher leaked and wrecked the floor, which snowballed into a full-scale remodel.

It’s hard to visualize the changes we’ll see, but I want to tell you how amazing it was to pick out our granite countertops! They’ll be the last things installed – but what I am most excited for! The anticipation is killing me.

Right now, our countertops are a gray fake wood. I’m sure it’s called laminate or something. It looks okay, but feels pretty flimsy, and lifts off the cabinets in certain spots. Also, you have to be careful with heat or anything sharp.

counter2 counter1

Our slab is waiting for us at C & D Granite! It was a little overwhelming, but SO much fun to pick out! My husband and I agreed we wanted to brighten it up with more white/light colors since the cabinets are dark. The staff at C & D was incredibly patient, and I think had as much fun as we did! I hadn’t even realized that I went back to the same slab 3 or 4 different times, so it was clearly ‘the one!’ The variations in color and hints of sparkle without being over-the-top really caught our eye. And again, you can’t go wrong with C & D. Your stone preference is your choice, of course, but we went with granite because it was gorgeous – and C & D guarantees it as long as we own our home!


I can’t wait to see this transformation! I’d love if you want to follow along with the process!