New Alexandria Road To Make Things Easier

To get from here to there in Alexandria will be easier next year. Or the year after that.

If the “here” you’re talking about is on 44th Avenue West just off of State Highway 29 between Doolittles and Starbucks,

and the “there” is South Broadway behind Menard’s and Walmart.

The plan is to put in a street, approximately 1/2 mile long, connecting those two popular thoroughfares at those two points starting in 2020 after the city of Alexandria does a little more ciphering and spending money and stuff.

Here is the author’s rough conception of how that area will look after construction next year. Or the year after that:









Many have wondered, “Will the new street be paved with gold and lead to a perfect life?” Of course. If by “gold” you mean asphalt, and by “perfect life” you mean a pricey Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refresher iced beverage.









The new route will save the average motorist about 5 minutes. Plus, the city will throw in curb, gutter, catch basins, manhole covers, valves, and fire hydrants. If that isn’t the definition of “perfect life,” I don’t know even want to know what road map you’re looking at.






The cost of the entire project, financed with federal grants, state aid, and city utility funds, will be slightly north of 1.6 million dollars.

Not including beverage.

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