Not Your Typical Fly Fisherman

Sometimes you just can’t decide what to wear.  If your closet is like mine, you look in there and see racks and racks of  Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Versace, Ralph Lauren.  But, you still shake your head.  “No.  No.  No.  Nothing!!!!”  Finally, the light bulb goes on and you exclaim, “That’s it!  I’ll wear Nothing!!!”

Enter Mike from Brooklyn Center.  Mike took a fishing trip to Turtle Lake in Otter Tail County.   It did not end well.  Yes, another case of an adult male in a boat not wearing a lifejacket.

Or, anything else.

59-year-old Michael Blake was arrested July 1st for allegedly fishing in the nude on his pontoon.  He has been charged with three counts of indecent exposure.  A homeowner on shore says Blake’s crankbait was clearly visible.  Asked by authorities to view a line-up, one resident identified it as a Rusty Monkey.

No word on if he got his limit.

Hopefully, Mike was wearing lots of sunscreen because it is cooler by the lake.

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