On This Day in Rock History – October 24

October 24th is a weird day in Rock History, many political and justice-related items happening on the same day. Today in Rock History for October 24th:


In a speech to a White House radio broadcasters conference, US President Richard Nixon appeals for rock lyrics to be screened and those promoting drug use to be banned.


John Lennon launches another round of litigation against the US government, claiming that his phone has been tapped and that he is under constant surveillance. (Spoiler alert: He was right, here are the CIA files.)


Keith Richards was convicted in a Canadian court on a drug charge and received a one year suspended sentence, as well an order to play a benefit concert. The Rolling Stones fulfilled that obligation by performing at a charity concert for the blind in Oshawa, Ontario early the next year.


The court case begins between John Fogerty and Fantasy Records, who claimed that John plagiarized his own song, “Run Through The Jungle” when writing his 1985 #10 hit, “The Old Man Down The Road”, which he released on Warner Records. Fogerty had signed over the rights to the songs he recorded for Fantasy when he and the other members of Creedence Clearwater Revival first signed a contract with Fantasy. At the trial, John would use an acoustic guitar to show how many other songs had used the same short series of notes that appeared in both recordings. In the end, Fogerty emerged victoriously.

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