Paddington Bear bids farewell to his tea time pal Queen Elizabeth

Getty Paddington The Queen 09092022
Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

One of Queen Elizabeth II‘s unlikely tea time companions bid her farewell in a post that has gone viral.

The lovable, stuffed Paddington Bear — arguably as English an icon as the queen — tweeted a photo of him and the monarch sharing their favorite snack: marmalade sandwiches.

“Thank you Ma’am. For everything,” read the sweet post, which has been liked nearly a million times.

The snap was from a short in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee festivities in June; the production had the computer-animated Paddington surprised to learn he and the queen mum both shared a passion for the sweet sammies — and were even keen to stashing them on their persons.

The “Thank you” caption was a callback to a line of dialog in the short, uttered by James Bond series star Ben Whishaw, who voices the bear’s adventures.

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