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The Top Ten Reasons Why Christmas in Minnesota is the Best

Minnesotans aren’t ones to toot their own horns.  In fact, Minnesotans are more likely to take the last bar* from the plate than brag, but I have to admit Christmas in Minnesota is the best. The Top Ten Reasons Why Christmas in Minnesota is the Best:  #10 – Let’s start with the aesthetics. Snow. Irving Berlin has been dreaming of …

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Radiothon To End Child Abuse Online Auction Is Now Open

           The online auction to benefit the Radiothon is now open.  Our friends at American Solutions for Business of Glenwood have provided the infrastructure and design for our online auction site this year. American builds auction sites and online stores for clients nationwide.  You can click here to connect to the website to bid on a great number of …

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This Wayne Brady Cover is a Real Thriller


I’m sure that by now, you’ve got your Halloween costume all figured out. But what about the soundtrack? The Monster Mash. Ghostbusters. This Is Halloween. The Time Warp. Don’t Fear the Reaper.  Werewolves of London.  Is it even Halloween without these songs?  If you spent an entire Halloween without hearing Thriller – would it even be Halloween?  It certainly wouldn’t be …

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Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Halloween is FAST approaching. If you need some inspiration for Halloween costumes, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you make it or buy it – as long as it’s fun, you can’t go wrong. Check out some of our favorite Halloween costumes we found on Twitter:   This is some AMAZING crocheting! WOW!!!! I ain't afraid …

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What Lipsticks Are In Ruby’s Purse Today?

I have eight lipsticks in my purse today. Some I like better than others. One is a discontinued Holy Grail lipstick (RIP). I’ll show you what I have today, and make my recommendations. Here they are.     And, yes. I wear them all – even the purple. See?   Review time!!  Let’s break them down, starting with that discontinued …

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