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Savor The End Of Summer

It seems that the moment a school bus hits the street, people start screaming about how it’s fall.  Suddenly, everywhere I go, I see pumpkins, Halloween costumes, and closed-toe shoes. 

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Happy International Dog Day!!!

Today is International Dog Day! Here’s to all of the canines in our lives who make our lives better! Good Boys and Good Girls all!!   My dog, Wolfie, however, wasn’t SUPER impressed with the rain today.  THE NERVE of that rain, messing up his fur!  Here’s a photo: Here he is on a better hair day:  But a little bit …

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Back To School 2019

It may be August, but make no mistake – it’s time for back to school.  Here are a few essential items for Back To School 2019. All the trendy kids will be carrying brightly colored shovels as they walk five miles to school, uphill both ways.  Here, a snapshot of four charming third graders making their way to Lincoln Elementary. …

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