Palmer House To Host Ghost Hunters

You can’t pick a much better place at which to have a meeting to learn about alleviating ghosts than the historic and haunted…allegedly…Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre.

Paranormal enthusiasts will be appearing in front of you and the child of your choice, sharing their stories and knowledge, for 99 dollars July 26th through July 28th.  It’s Family Weekend at the Palmer House Hotel.  (If your family consists of more than one child, each additional offspring is 25 dollars.  Admission price does not include hotel room or food.)

These spirit-centric citizens will help you deal with a gamut of vexing paranormal situations that invariably appear in your life and/or basement.

Practicing medium Natalie Fowler, a founding member of Paranormal Services Cooperative, will appear.  Natalie is set to aid you and empaths in your family. Empaths are people who can absorb other people’s emotions, are targets of energy vampires, and need time alone–except if you bring them along for this deal because they’ll be with people, possibly in a haunted hallway.

Kevin Swenson will be appearing.  He too is a founding member of the PSC and takes a scientific approach.  An avid user of the equipment to bust ghosts, Kevin will educate about the technical devices he uses in measuring and capturing negatively charged ectoplasmic entities, including ones that slime you and stuff.

If your house needs clearing, Jenny Melton of the Twin Cities Paranormal Society will be appearing before you and the child of your choice for 99 dollars.  She will focus on clearing and alleviating ghost activity in your home, garage, deck, gazebo, woodshop, root cellar, man cave, she shed, deer stand, little free library, bomb shelter, fish house, bird feeder, mailbox, and that plastic green thing they put the Lakeland Shopper in.  Butler’s quarters and koi pond are extra.

Minnesota Vikings!  Book these guys now and have them alleviate The Ghost of Playoff Appearances.








Make your reservation now for a ghost-free summer.

Disclaimer: There have been instances when so-called experts have appeared in hotels to ill effect.  Natalie, Kevin, and Jenny will try their very best to avoid crossing streams.

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