Peace, Love And Disarray With Woodstock Anniversary

Maybe I had too much to dream last night, but is Woodstock 50 a go or not?

The original Woodstock audience that made the trip (“trip”…hee hee) to upstate New York for the big show was nearly half a million strong. Some of them even paid to get in.  2019 is the golden anniversary of that show.  Nostalgia lovers want to do a 50th-anniversary reenactment. But investment lovers have second thoughts and pulled the magic carpet out from under the latest Aquarian Exposition.  Apparently.  John Fogerty thinks it was kind of shaky from start.

But, c’mon. Who isn’t on board with cool tunes and hot, 71-year-old babes rolling around in the mud?  Here’s the problem.  Hippies, if you want to get back to the garden in 2019, you’re going to have to cough up…careful with your COPD…450 bucks. Remember back in 1969 when you only had to come up with 18? Wait. Did I ask you to remember?  Just kidding.

Some are saying Woodstock 50 is not gratefully dead, so stay tuned. Flower Power to the People!

And, stay away from the brown Centrum Silver.

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