Piano Player Sets World Altitude Record

What do you think of when you think of tall things?

Inspiration Peak? Viking Towers? Our weatherman? I think of the step ladder I loaned my neighbor in 2004.









And I think of pianos.






At least I do now thanks to Evalina De Lain.  The 41 year old British musician set a world record for playing a piano concert higher on earth than anyone else–in the Himalayas.  The idea came from Desmond Gentle, owner of Camden Piano Rescue in London.  He thought it would be a unique way to raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis. She said, Desmond told me breathing difficulties at 16,000 feet are similar to what cystic fibrosis sufferers deal with on a daily basis.

After a team hauled her instrument up to a Himalayan mountain pass, she played for 90 minutes in frigid weather.  Bloody heck.  I get dizzy walking up the stairs inside Carlson’s Music Center.  Evalina says the cold didn’t bother her as much as the wind. Sound familiar?

“I definitely had to pool my resources to keep going. Desmond had warned me I may not last long with the altitude.  At the time the altitude wasn’t bothering me much but the next day I fainted in the airport.”

And notice, while Evalina makes “the hills come alive with the sound of music” she completely avoids wearing any clothes made out of drapes.

For those of you counting, Evalina was playing at 16,227 feet above sea level.


For those of us not into classical music, that’s 2,863 Elton Johns high. Or 2,374 Too Tall Tom Symanskis.






De Lain was awarded the Guinness World Record for highest altitude grand piano performance.  Jolly good show, Evalina!

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