Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

I didn’t know what was going on, but in Alexandria last weekend, while I was runnin’ down the road trying to loosen my load, I kept hearing this popping noise in my ears.

Normally, I just hear ringing, thanks to 40 years of blasting evil boogie woogie music in my radio headphones, but this was a totally new and fascinating sound.  I wondered, “Where is this popping noise coming from?”  Being a man of action, with a recently loosened load,  I knew it’s source had to be found.

Traveling south of I-94 on State Highway 29, through the roundabout…whee!!…then a mile east, I discovered the answer:

A bunch of kids were shooting guns at little orange things and a bunch of adults were watching them. So, I did too for a while. They were a sight to behold for someone named Shotgun.

I learned there were over eight-thousand well-trained kids in Alexandria each toting three-thousand dollar rifles. I never felt so safe in my life.

I bet motels and restaurants were happy. Face it, a guy and gal, standing 16 yards behind a trap house that’s randomly throwing 5 inch orange round things within an arc no less than 17 degrees and no more than 27 degrees either side of the trap house for four rounds at 25 round things per round, can really work up an appetite.

It’s good news, isn’t it, that tonight we can all rest easy knowing exactly where the popping noise was coming from. And, after Tuesday, June 18th, I can go back to enjoying just ringing in my ears.

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