Mike Ryan

Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” Is Out Today!

Eleven years after making  “Welcome 2 America,” Prince’s lyrics resonate with the current social/political climate now more than ever.

The album is being released Friday (July 30) and includes songs that seem to have been made in response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic however they were recorded in 2010.

“I swear that he’s speaking from the grave,” said Elisa Fiorillo, who, as a member of Prince’s NPG (New Power Generation) band, sang background vocals throughout the LP. “Now I listen to it, and I get it more than I did when I sang it, which is crazy. It’s like he read into the future.”  

Other members of NPG agree that “Welcome 2 America” is being released at the perfect time, when people need to hear it and can understand its meaning. When asked about the timing of the album, NPG Bassist, Tal Wilkenfield says, “The world wasn’t ready…he knew that eventually there’d be a time [for the album].”

Have you given Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” a listen? What do you think of the relevance of the songs?