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Progress at the roundabouts at the Interstate 94/Highway 27 interchange


Lots of significant progress has taken place at the Interstate 94/Highway 27 interchange! Concrete paving was completed at the westbound ramps (WB roundabout), and crews wrapped up paving at the eastbound ramps (EB roundabout) last Tuesday.

While the concrete cures, crews will be finishing installing sidewalks and will begin shaping the shoulders to get them ready for paving this week. In addition, the electrical contractor is on-site, getting bases and wires ready for the lighting installation.

The interchange is expected to reopen in early July.

View of the concrete paving at the westbound ramps (WB roundabout)

Concrete paving finished up at the WB roundabout last week

Crews pave the mainline on the EB exit ramp

Crews paved the eastbound exit ramp on June 13

View of the mainline paving and shoulders, which will be bituminous (asphalt)

View of the roadway leading up to the EB roundabout. The shoulders will be shaped and paved with bituminous (asphalt)

Last section of the EB roundabout paving was completed this week!

Last section of the EB roundabout paving was completed this week!

Completed work

  • Storm sewer replacements (EB & WB roundabouts)
  • Concrete paving (EB & WB roundabouts)

Upcoming schedule

  • Sidewalk installation (EB & WB roundabouts)
  • Shoulder work and shoulder paving (EB & WB aroundabouts)
  • Turf establishment (EB & WB roundabouts)

Hwy 27 detour map

CR 45/46 detour map

Detour information

Depending on your direction of travel, you’ll use I-94 as part of the detour route to/from Highway 27 or County Road 46:

  • To Highway 27 westbound: From I-94, use Exit 97 for Highway 114 south to Highway 27
  • To Alexandria or County Road 46: From I-94, use Exit 103 for Highway 29 north on Broadway and to County Road 46/34th Avenue.
  • To County Road 45: Take County Road 46/34th Avenue to Nevada Street and Latoka Lane SW

The work is isolated to the interchange ramps, so residents, businesses and visitors will always be able to access driveways and entrances on Highway 27 and County Roads 45/46 up to the work zone.

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