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Public Input Needed for Reducing Impact of Severe Storms


Alexandria, MN — Douglas County residents, business owners, nonprofit members, and community leaders now have an organized opportunity to share how severe weather events impact their property and lives. There is also an opportunity to share their ideas on how to reduce the impact in the future.

The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management is updating the county’s Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and it wants to hear from the public.

“Hazard mitigation planning is a central part of our emergency management program,” said Julie Anderson, Douglas County Emergency Management Director/Public Information Officer.  “Understanding the natural hazards that can cause serious impact to our communities and taking action to reduce the impact of future disasters makes us more resilient.”

Examples of hazard mitigation include:

  • improvement of roads and culverts that experience repetitive flooding
  • construction of safe rooms at campgrounds, public parks, mobile home parks or schools
  • burying powerlines that may fail due to heavy snow, ice, or windstorms
  • conducting public awareness and education campaigns to help people be prepared

Some mitigation activities may be eligible for future FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant funding.

Public input is an essential part of the plan update. As part of the planning process, Douglas County is seeking feedback from across the county to incorporate into the plan:

  • What are the natural hazards you feel pose the greatest risk to your community?
  • Have you experienced a previous severe weather event?
  • What concerns do you have, and what sorts of mitigation actions or projects do you feel would help to reduce the damages of potential future events for your personal property, your community, or the county as a whole?

Input may be submitted to Douglas County Emergency Management by phone or email at: