‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ Get You Every Time? Thank Evolution

A recent study has found that the domestication of wolves into dogs over 33,000 years has transformed the shape of the dog’s facial muscles to better communicate with humans.  

Those eyebrows.

Here is our model, Rusty, showing concern. Look at those eyebrows at work.

Those eyebrows, or the ‘Puppy Dog Look’, causes a nurturing response in humans.  This response benefitted the species, leading to more bacon.  And cookies. 

The study also found that dogs utilize eye contact, pointing gestures, and more adaptations of human non-verbal communication in order to get their people to “no take, only throw the ball”. This mutual communication has solidified bonds between dogs and humans making them truly man’s (and woman’s) best friend.  

And now here are a ton of cute doggie photos.  

Aint science cool?  Don’t forget the dog treats.  

*** A big thanks to Ruby Tuesday’s dog, Wolfgang Pomadeus, and KIKV/Cool Sales Lucas Wangen’s doggie, Rusty, for being our models today.  



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