Rosario Dawson is “constantly blown away” by ‘Go-Big Show”s contestants and crew

E Rosario Dawson Tpain 02172022
TBS/Jeremy Freeman

Judge and executive producer Rosario Dawson returns with Jennifer NettlesCody Rhodes, and new celebrity judge T-Pain for a new episode of TBS’ Go-Big Show tonight at 9:00 ET.

Each week, the judges and host Bert Kreischer witness contestants performing skillful and/or death-defying stunts, with a $100,000 prize on the line. As Dawson tells ABC Audio, those stunts often employ the stars risking their own necks.

“You know, I’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve definitely been curious as to when I signed whatever contract, but just like forgot all insurance or something,” Dawson says with a laugh. “I’m on a shoulder being spun around in the air with Jennifer Nettles on the other side on a human swing. You know, it was just unbelievable. If he had tripped, if he had coughed, we’d be lost in the rafters. And yet here we are the next season signing up again!”

“You know, we volunteer a lot and we get asked to participate a lot. And we’re down because we’re all fun like that,” she adds. 

“I’m constantly just blown away not …by just what people are capable of and their incredible talents, but also our crew,” Dawson enthuses. “I mean, every single thing happens in that same room. So a monster truck to bulls, so shooting flying arrows with flames — I mean, it’s just all those things in one room. It’s like magical. Every time you walk in, it’s just transformed.”

The Mandalorian and Daredevil veteran says even though she was there on the day, she can’t help but watch when the show airs, “…just so I could kind of get that dose of that adrenaline again because you feel it watching it!” 


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