Shotgun In DC Fair Floral Faceoff

The Douglas County Fair is all about fun, food, family and friends.  And, cutthroat competition.

Don’t let the smiles of these two expert zucchini bread bakers fool you.

Melanie and her mom, Shirley, were in heated battle…325 degrees for 55-60 minutes…for a Grand Champion ribbon.  Sorry, Mom.  Melanie came out on top in this family feud with a second-place finish for her chocolate chip zucchini bread.

But Shirley that’s not the end of the story.  Look at Mom’s 5 champion ribbons in the floral competition…

Floral arranging. That’s what I’m zeroed in on.  Saturday morning, I will be pitting my elite skill  my average skill my laughable floral design fumbling, bumbling and stumbling against a formidable field of flower fashioning folk in the Colorful Seasons Floral Arranging Contest at the Douglas County Fair.

How lucky for me that I bumped into Shirley at the fair on Wednesday. My brain was like a sponge absorbing all of Shirley’s vast arranging knowledge. Unfortunately, most of it leaked out of my brain by the time I got back to my car. I vaguely remember something about keeping the flower thingy parts pointed toward the ceiling and the pointy stemy deals aimed toward the floor.

 Top Secret Insider Information

Got it.  I’m ready!  Look out,  Alexandria Police Department!  Beware,  Alexandria Fire Department!  RIP, Echo Press!  Maybe next time, Alexandria Mayor Sara Carlson!  Out of my way, United Way!  No mercy.  I’m putting the petal to the medal.

If you’re at the fair Saturday morning, come by and cheer/heckle us on. The location of my greatest victory/humiliation ever will be the Harold Johnson Building.

We gladiola gladiators enter the venerable arena at 11:am.  Wagering starts anytime.

I Am Spartacus!  Rocking a lovely vase of baby’s breath.


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