Shotgun Refuses To Eat Chicken And Waffles Because Of Mrs. Butterworth

KFC celebrated its 89th birthday .

A friend of mine, Duante, works at the Alexandria KFC.  He says the pot pies are a hit. They are tasty, the crust is pleasing. It’s perfectly proportioned with exactly the right flakiness. Just like Duante. I’m passing on the chicken and waffles, though, because of the T.V. commercial. The one with Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth getting extra crispy.


First of all–hello–she’s a MRS.!  Kind of thinking MR. Butterworth might take umbrage. Or better yet, take Colonel Astaire out back and give him a lickin’ on more than his fingers.

Secondly, if he’s pushing waffles, I think Colonel Whiteclothes should be directing his southern charms toward Aunt Jemima or even Betty Crocker. Yeah, OK.  Mrs. Butterworth, for what it’s worth, has a mix.  But when I think of waffles, A.J. and B.C. are the women who take the cake.






Oh, well.  Typical 89-year-old male. Hides the plain janes in the kitchen and parades out some trophy bottle to do the Humpty Hump with him, or the Floss, or whatever the cool kids are doing these days.

I will admit Mrs. Hussy Yellowcap has moves and, obviously, is quite the looker but still, KFC, remember who has the meat and potatoes when it comes to real waffles (Auntie and BC) and who just comes along for the ride (the syrup trollop).







Uh oh. Now I feel like dancing. I wonder if Miss Chiquita Banana is free tonight?

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