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Shotgun Spies His First Political Sign Of The Year

It’s like seeing your first robin in springtime.  Spotting your first presidential campaign sign of the season.  OK, it’s nothing like that…

But, this one was just spotted in the wild in Alexandria.  Two-tone. Stuck in the ground pretty straight. All the words spelled correctly.







This Bernie Sanders sign is the first presidential one I’ve seen while driving around, though I swear, this was the only time I’ve never kept my eyes strictly on the road and nothing else, officer.




The neighbors got their Bernie sign up only 502 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, and 12 seconds before the polls open.  Just in the nick of time!

I have something out in my front yard that’s political.  A lame duck.  And his wife.







Just kidding.  They’re not married…but, hey, that’s politics.  Are they Democrats or Republicans? Don’t answer. It’s a trick question. They’re registered Mallards.  Let’s make quacking great again!

Perhaps the only more frightening sign to see in your neighborhood is this one.

If you are heading to North Nokomis, get ready for delays and restricted lane useage from the Holiday Store past Boomerang and the Habitat ReStore to S. Le Homme Dieu Drive.







The good news is it won’t be a long project.  Probably be wrapped up by this weekend, weather permitting. These guys work fast.  Is that Bernie Sanders in the drivers seat?







Making Nokomis great again!


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