Signs Of The Times In West Central Minnesota

Douglas County, Pope County, Todd County. They’re all over counties all around here–garage sales. That’s probably the most common name you see.

You also hear them called rummage sales, yard sales, attic sales, estate sales, block sales.  How about a tag sale?  Or, a jumble sale, by jove!  Why not call it a nice, simple huge sale?

My latest favorite name is the vintage repurpose sale.

Call it that and you’re entitled to charge 5 cents more for that Little Duke’s coffee mug than the–ready? Look down your nose–garage sale across the street.

People who are serious rummage heads, such as my friends Donna and Tim, are like professional touring golfers.  They go out nearly every weekend. They have their stops. They keep their heads down, their knees bent, try and stay away from the rough, and focus on the trophy.

By the way, this Duffer’s Delight trophy is $2.00 at the Vandenhall’s garage sale.   $2.05 at the Nelson’s vintage repurpose sale.

Using different names for the same thing can be handy. Example: Mom used to say, “Tonight, we’re having hotdish.” The next night she’d say, “Tonight, we’re having casserole.” The next night she’d say, “Tonight, we’re having goulash.” It was all the same, but nobody complained because it was food on the table (a table purchased at the Jackson’s garage sale or was it the Ludden’s huge sale?) and Mom was happy.

Another example: We call it soccer. The rest of the world calls it football, and everyone is OK with that, and with the fact that the rest of the world is wrong.

A recent illustration I ran across was surveillance video of this thing captured by a woman in California earlier this month.  Actually, nobody knows what to name it.  Some people are calling it Dobby the House Elf from the Harry Potter story.  Others call it a puppet on a string or a child acting funny.

To me it looks like a census taker getting a head start on things.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on garage sales.  Seven cents on vintage repurpose sales.

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