So, You Tried The Face App Aging Thing And Now You’re Afraid Of Russians

Privacy is always a concern on Facebook. The Face App age filter has gone viral, because for some reason it’s fun to see how you’d look at a different age. Well, you also  might be giving unknown people access to your private information.

Now what?

Here’s the thing…

Most apps are like that.

Now, don’t go deleting everything willy-nilly, but it might be a good idea to examine what apps you DO have that are connected to your Facebook account, and delete the ones you don’t use, trust, and know exactly where they are from.

Also, quit doing those quizzes. You already know which Friend you are, and somebody is just trying to get your personal information for free. (I’m a Rachel with a dash of Chandler, BTW.)

Here’s how it’s done (on an iPhone).

  • From the menu (those parallel lines at the bottom) choose “Settings and Privacy”.

  • Scroll down and choose “Settings & Privacy”

  • Choose “Settings”.

  • Choose “Apps & Websites”.

  • Choose “edit” on “Logged In With Facebook”.

  • Choose the apps you wish to delete from your Facebook account so they no longer have access to your info.

Done! That’s it!!

Do this every so often, and be a bit more in control of your information. 🙂

Now, which Friend are you?

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