Spring Allergies – A Radio Announcer’s Worst Nightmare

It’s hard to gesture loud enough for radio.  My hands don’t make a lot of noise, except for clapping, and that’s a terrible way to tell you that the Beatles are next.  So, Sunday, when I woke up with absolutely no voice, I knew I was in trouble.

Spring Allergies are a drag. 

Like millions of other people, I suffer from seasonal allergies.  Tree pollen is the devil. Along with a case of laryngitis, spring allergies alternately have made it impossible to sleep – or impossible to stay awake. They’ve given me all of the flu-like symptoms except a fever. I can’t hear much.  Breathing like I usually do isn’t possible. I can’t stop coughing once I start coughing. 

But, since we got rain yesterday, and the pollen counts were down yesterday and today, my voice sorta, kinda, a little bit, came back today, so I decided to go back to work today.  Fortune favors the bold, right?  Just between you and me, it was exhausting. In retrospect, I probably should have stayed home.  I did a lot of purposeful breathing alternating with hacking coughing in between the times I had to talk.  Tomorrow will be better.  

Things That Made Me Feel Better While I Was Feeling Crappy:

  • A Neti Pot. 

    Have you ever tried one of these?  In the end, you have that pleasant sensation of openness in your sinuses, similar to after swimming.  Honestly, it’s a fleeting feeling when you’re in the depths of seasonal allergies, but it’s worth a shot.  Also, it looks kind of freaky to do, which is always points in my book.  Lookit:

  • Honey. 

    I have read a lot of things about how honey helps combat seasonal allergies because if you use local honey, it will help build up a tolerance to the local pollens.  Also, I’ve read about how honey is a natural cough suppressant.  I’m not a doctor – and I don’t even play one on TV – so I don’t know the veracity of either of those claims, but I do know that a spoonful of honey helped calm down my coughing fits.  It also tastes good, and that was kind of nice when everything else was pretty awful.  

  • My Dog. 

    He is a perfect boy. 









  • Real Housewives reruns.

    I have many opinions on all of the series and have become a scholar on the topic.

  • My Mom.  Mom brought me some soup, popsicles, and my favorite soda.  Never underestimate the healing properties of a well-timed care package and a hug from Mom.  
  • Memory Foam Pillow.

    I couldn’t breathe if I laid down, and this made it easier to get comfortable while sitting up in bed.  (I reminded myself of one of my favorite films from when I was a little kid.  Whoa, that’s dark. I was a weird kid.  Oh, Hi there again, inner monologue.)

  • Audiobooks

    When I couldn’t concentrate on watching anything, but also couldn’t sleep anymore and needed something to occupy my mind, the audiobooks came in in the clutch.  I know I’m a few years behind, but I quite enjoyed listening to Troublemaker by Leah Remini.  Plenty of  Hollywood dish paired with actual information – it was a good “read.”  

  • Soup.  

    HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN THE HOUSE SPECIAL SOUP FROM THE GREAT HUNAN???  I had thought that getting the soup to go was weird, but it’s not.  It’s a brilliant idea, Sis.  Served up piping hot, full of delicious veggies and meats in a flavorful broth – this soup is what you want when you’re under the weather and want to eat something.  (I didn’t get a photo because I ate the soup without realizing I was going to write this.)

  • Skincare. 

    Since I was stuck in bed anyway, it gave me a chance to do sheet masks. Lots and lots of sheet masks. My skin is at peak moisturization levels.

That’s it for now.  If you are also experiencing spring allergies, you have my solidarity.  We’ll get through this, and before you know it, the ragweed will be in full bloom.  *sneeze*