Stage Set For Douglas County Fair

The Douglas County Fair is August 14th through August 17th.  If you are a faithful Sunday fairgoer, sorry.  No fair for you.

This year the four days of fun start Wednesday.  Gates open at 8:00 AM.  Admission for adults is $7.00.  Kids 10 and under are free.  A season pass is $21.  Parking is free in the Integrity Title west parking lot.  Paid spots are located on the east side of the grounds.   Midway unlimited ride wristbands start at $30 but pre-fair deals are available.

Before you get on the Kamikaze Ride, you’ll need your strength.  Better hit Calorie Lane.  New foods for you and your one stomach compartment include beer-battered fried fish and deep-fried chocolate chip cookies with whipped cream.


Don’t forget the 4-H Food Stand.  Director Kris Massmann and her crew are ready.

As a public service for city-slickers with whipped cream on their chins heading to see farm animals, here is an urban-to-rural dictionary to help you talk the talk.

Monogastric: having only one stomach or stomach compartment (like humans).
♦ Monoplastic: having only one credit or debit card.  (Few humans have the stomach for this).


Roughage: feeds high in fiber and low in total digestible nutrients such as hay and silage.
♦ Greenage: where my golf shots rarely go thanks to roughage.


Silage: an entire plant (stalk, leaves, and grain), coarsely chopped, stored green, fermented and used for livestock feed.
♦ Mileage: how far I usually have to walk to find my golf ball in the roughage.
♦ Pullet: a female chicken up to six months of age.
♦ Pull it: what my uncle said to me when he stuck out a finger.  I was usually too chicken to do it.



For more help with fair vocabulary, click here.  Once your fluent, stop by the 4-H Food Stand and show off a little.




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