Sweet Result From Easter Election

The polls are closed. The vote is in.

Christmas is the best holiday. Easter has the best candy. That’s the choice of elementary kids in the micropolitan lakes area.  Look at these Garfield students analyze the decision…

What about flowers? Christmas has poinsettias. Eye-catching, yes, but waaaaay too many letters. Just like the word “waaaaay.” And, too many ways to say it. At Christmas dinner, families have plenty of other things to squabble about without spending precious arguing time haggling over plant name pronunciations.

Easter, however, gives us beautiful simplicity–the lily.

Short name. One way to say it and so lovely. Now that’s a holiday flower. Then there are the lids. With Christmas you’re essentially down to one look:

Easter bonnets, on the other hand, are so awesome and varied and, you know, frilled. Definitely parade worthy.

I can hardly wait to wear my red Easter baseball bonnet. The one that says “Make Rabbits Great Again.” But, back to candy. Remember Valentine’s Day, 2019? We didn’t have any of those little Sweetheart candies. This Easter, though, there should be Peeps aplenty. They put messages on the Sweethearts like, “Be Mine” and “True Love.” They should do that with Peeps. And they can target the consumer.

For Peter Cottontailheads: “Hippity Hoppity. Hippity Hoppity.”

For urban music types: “Hip Hop. Hip Hop.”

For beer drinkers: “Barley and Hops.”

For ingredient enthusiasts: ” Contains less then 0.5% Tartrazine, Potassium Sorbet, Carnauba Wax…(continued on next Peep).”

Happy Easter!


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