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So, It’s April And We’re Anticipating A Blizzard Again: A Pep Talk

Here we are, staring down the barrel of another Minnesota blizzard, but as opposed to blizzards and snowstorms earlier in the season – WE THOUGHT WE WERE DONE.  If ever you’ve needed a definition for ennui, you’ve got it now. 

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City of Alexandria Issues Winter Weather Procedures In Advance of Snow

We have plenty of snow, but like it or not, we’re gonna get more winter weather this weekend.  According to Too Tall Tom, we’re looking at the potential of six to ten inches of snow on Saturday in the Alexandria area.   The City of Alexandria has issued Winter Weather Procedures including: 

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Local Snowfall Totals For December 2018 Snowstorm

By now I hope you are all dug out from the snowstorm! Thanks to the street and road crews for the long hours they put in removing the snow to make our roads safe.   One of the best parts of a Minnesota snow storm is the kindness it brings out – so many neighbors helping neighbors.  It’s a reminder of …

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