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Back To School 2019

It may be August, but make no mistake – it’s time for back to school.  Here are a few essential items for Back To School 2019. All the trendy kids will be carrying brightly colored shovels as they walk five miles to school, uphill both ways.  Here, a snapshot of four charming third graders making their way to Lincoln Elementary. …

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A Winter Storm Is Likely Coming Through Minnesota This Week

According to the National Weather Service Twin Cities, a winter storm is most likely coming through the midwest this week.

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Isn’t It Time For Shoveler-Less Snow Shovels?

In this age of driverless cars, manless space probes and clueless disc jockeys, isn’t it time for shoveler-less snow shovels?  Introducing the Snow Angel 3000, the world’s first manless snow shovel!

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