Teeth Whitening Talk

Working in radio, it’s important to have teeth as white as new fallen snow. Or at least teeth…

Mouth experts say almost 90 percent of people who go to a dentist ask about getting whiter teeth. If you’re wondering why your chiclets aren’t as dazzling as they used to be blame anything from tobacco to food. Drink to meds. And, of course, age. They say yellow teeth are easier to whiten than brown teeth. Grayish teeth may not respond at all to whitening attempts. The strips advertised on TV are a popular option, but they won’t be as powerful as the treatment you can get from your dentist.

Chew on this: What if you want beaming bicuspids and intense incisors but you’re a dentophobiac with a touch of anti-dentite…ism?

Pull up a toothbrush, Bucky, and let me tell you a story. As a youth growing up on the hardscrabble streets of White Bear Lake, MN—like you—I was scared of going to the dentist. One day, Mom pulled me aside and said,

 “Shotgun, going to the dentist is just like going to the Dairy Queen. Except, instead of putting an ice cream cone in your mouth, they put in a high-speed power drill with a sharp metal point on it. So, git in the car.”

As you can imagine, I’ve had no fear of dentists ever since. If you’re a dentophobiac, an odontophobiac, a tryphanophobiac, or simply a plain, old cathisophobiac, I hope my little story has helped.  I’ll have my sunglasses ready for when you flash me a smile.



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