Tent Worm Air Force Cleared For Takeoff

Off we go into the wild blue yonder and then back down to, oh, about 15 or 20 feet above the treetops. Time again to spray for tent worms in the lakes area.

Douglas Jackson from Benson Air Ag and his Thrush S2R are winging their way over our neck of the woods around lakes like Minnewaska and Carlos trying to put a dent in the tent worm population.

The little green pests are on the march. Their goal: defoliate forests.

Tent worms get their name because, in trees, they build silk nests that look like miniature tents. It’s not believed the tiny “tents” have tiny “Coleman lanterns” in them.

Tent Fun Fact: To relieve stress during the Revolutionary War, George Washington would light a candle in his Headquarters Tent at night. Then, he’d invite Paul Revere and his horse to come over and they’d do shadow puppets of Dolly Madison.

Tent worms build their tents positioned so that they will catch the early morning sun as it rises over Area Lake. This is important because tent worms need to bask in the sun to elevate their body temperatures to survive in early spring.

Body Fun Fact: Former Minnesota Chief Executive, Jesse The Body Ventura, used to pitch a tent in the backyard of the Governor’s Mansion, bring a Coleman lantern in there, and wrestle it.

In most cases,  a tree that’s been defoliated can refoliate…if it hasn’t been defoliated year after year.

Foliate Fun Fact: Some airline pilots exfoliate year after year.

To find out where Captain Doug will release his next load of Foray 48B, keep listening to your Official Tent Worm Spraying Station, Cool 94.3.

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