Mike Ryan

The 12 Days Of Christmas Don’t Come Cheap

If you’re looking to buy ALL the stuff from the “12 Days of Christmas” song . . . it’s going to cost you more!  PNC Financial Services is out with its annual list of the cost of everything in the song.  And the total this year is . . . $41,205.58.  That’s up $2,212 from 2019, or 5.7%. They didn’t do the list in 2020, because the pandemic … That price is just if you buy every group of things once.  If you buy things over and over like the song says, you’ll need nearly $180,000.   Nothing is cheaper than it was in 2019, but four things cost the same:  Ladies dancing . . . maids-a-milking . . . swans-a-swimming . . . and calling birds.   The cost for turtle doves went up 50%, and geese-a-laying went up 57%.  The most expensive thing is the 7- swans-a-swimming . . . they’ll run you $13,125, or $1,875 each. So they’re around one-third of the entire cost.   The cheapest item is the partridge to put in your pear tree . . . it’s just $20.18.  The pear tree will run you $202.50.