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The Impact of the Radiothon to End Child Abuse

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CaptureThe 34th Annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse raised more than $40,000 last year! Thanks to our local businesses, community members, right down to the person driving through the parking lot willing to donate their spare change. It all adds up in very meaningful ways. What is the price to protect our children? What is the value of supporting families, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms and dads in raising kids? What is the amount you would want to see to end child abuse, neglect, fear and pain?

Each dollar raised pours into a community rich in resources. However, statistics from local agencies show that the need is still great. We can work together to provide safety, comfort, care and support to the most vulnerable. The best news is that the seeds sown in the last 34 years have proven fruitful for preventative action, proactive measures and a great deal of hope and healing for a strong future! We are making a difference.


Funds raised by the Radiothon are used to prevent child abuse and neglect through educational and supportive programs for children and families in more than 35 Minnesota counties. Examples include: 

  • Early childhood initiatives that help young children grow, thrive, and reach their full potential. 
  • Awareness campaigns that build shared understanding about violence prevention through public service announcements, posters, publications, and resource websites. 
  • Community events that strengthen social connections and supports for families, including resource fairs, community dinners and movie nights, and film screenings and discussions. 
  • Circle of Parents and other support parenting support groups and educational resources to help parents create safe, nurturing environments for themselves and their children. 
  • Trainings on NEAR sciences (Neurobiology, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Resilience) to promote prevention and foster healing in communities. 
  • Home visiting programs that partner with families to promote healthy lifestyles and nurturing environments. 
  • Supervised visiting and safe exchange services to support children in maintaining parental relationships in safe environments. 
  • Collaborations between schools and service agencies to develop education and prevention projects that benefit children. 
  • Emergency care services for children and families involved with child protection and court systems. 



Douglas County Early Childhood Initiative 

County:   Douglas 

  • Talking Is Teaching campaign 
  • importance of talking, reading and singing to children 
  • Delivered 130 Preschool bags for the Early Childhood Screenings at Brandon-Evansville and Osakis Schools. 
  • Delivered TRS bags, 200 books and 200 TRS handouts to Alexandria Early Education for their Preschool Screening Bags. 


PLUS Kids 

County: Douglas County 

  • Providing physical and emotional safety for children during exchanges and supervised visits  
  • Assisting parents with skills that will benefit the well-being of their children 
  • In-home services as well as community visits 


Someplace Safe 

County: Douglas County 

  • Gas gift cards provided to youth and their families, increasing their ability to travel to advocacy appointments, medical appointments, school, etc. 45 gas cards were purchased in the amount of $50 each. 
  • Quick meals, snacks and bottled water for children in need of nourishment and comfort during advocacy appointments. The food and beverages may also be accessed by youth in need of emergency meals on-the-go. Quick meals, snacks, and bottled water were purchased for children in the amount of $500. 
  • Daily passes for Shenanigan’s Indoor Playground provided to children/families, allowing youth clients to engage in fun activities devoted to the physical, emotional and social development, while giving parents the satisfaction of a safe place for their kids to engage with other kids. 50 day passes were purchased in the amount of $6 each. 
  • Crime victim advocacy: Ensures access to critical services that are free and confidential in the aftermath of crime.  54 hours of crime victim advocacy for youth clients in the amount of $50 per hour. 
  • Outcomes:  
  • 45 families with children were given gas cards 
  • Snacks, meals & water are readily available to youth in crisis situations, in our office and in STEPS (Short Term Emergency Placement).  
  • Over 20 families have been able to engage in fun activities, enabling them to have a safe place to play despite safety concerns.  
  • 54 hours of crime victim advocacy was devoted to youth services.   



Grant County Child & Youth Council 

County: Grant  

  • prevention and early intervention activities to help ensure that every child and family in Grant County can thrive and grow in a healthy, happy environment.   




County: Todd 

  • collaborated with local schools and other service agencies to develop education and prevention projects 
  • Christmas gift giving program and coat drive 
  • Weekly “Circle of Parents” support group 
  • Parenting resources (books and brochures) for families  
  • Family movie night at drive-in theater 


FamilyWise, the home of Prevent Child Abuse MN 


  • FamilyWise is committed to keeping children safe and strengthens families by promoting the safety, stability, and well-being of children. 


  • Radiothon funds support FamilyWise’s statewide prevention programs that develop the knowledge and skills of parents, providers, and community members to create healthy, safe environments where all children can thrive. 


  • The Circle of Parents® Program support groups are places where parents can talk to one another about parenting challenges and exchange ideas and strategies that can help. Many Radiothon communities already have Circle of Parents. Last year the program supported nearly 900 adults and children through 44 Circle of Parents groups across the state. The program referred parents to key local resources like mental health care, job training, and basic needs support. 


  • NEAR Communities and Tribal NEAR Communities programs raise awareness about the impacts of childhood adversity on health and well-being across Minnesota. As part of this program, individuals are trained to present research about childhood trauma and promote strategies for building resilience in communities. Last year this program trained 60 Presenters and facilitated 52 presentations, helping create more supportive communities for families. 


  • FamilyWise leads awareness-raising efforts every April in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month by: 
  • publishing a report about the state of family wellbeing in Minnesota 
  • promoting prevention efforts statewide through annual Pinwheel Awards 
  • creating a social media toolkit for prevention partners statewide 
  • engaging everyone from community members to policymakers in conversation about the importance of prevention in keeping families safe and strong 


For more information about FamilyWise programs visit www.familywiseservices.org.