The Most Patriotic Corner in Alexandria Is…

America!  Where freedom and patriotism intersect.  That sounds like a lead-in to something.  And, here it is:  What is the most patriotic intersection in Alexandria?

Maybe it’s the one pictured above.  Then again, a few other spots come to mind.  How about this one?

Or, this?

You can’t go wrong with this one.

All of the above corners are in what you might call suburban Alexandria near Geneva Golf Course.

Even though this one is in the north Lake Ida Township neighborhood, with a name like this, it has to be included.

Betsy Ross Road intersects with Douglas County Road 6.  There’s nothing overly patriotic-sounding about that name, but don’t worry, Ms. Ross.  We still luv ya.

Back inside Alex, this one might get your vote—2nd Avenue and North Nokomis because of….tah da!…the fireworks stand.

Fireworks Stand Fun Fact:  You can tell you are shopping at a quality Fourth of July fireworks stand if, every time a cop drives by, the guy taking your money ducks behind the counter.

Finally for the Fourth, we can’t end our little excursion without showing this patriotic crossroads, and it’s definitely in Alexandria.

Safe travels to you…and happy birthday, America!

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