The Silver Lining Behind The End Of The VW Bug

The “People’s Car”—the bulbous one—has come to the end of it’s long and winding road.

When new things come into your life it can be exciting.  A new grandchild.  A new hat!









It’s not so cool when other things disappear.

And now, the Volkswagen Beetle.  The last one came off the assembly line in Pueblo, Mexico July 10th, 2019.

Wait!  Cheer up!  If mankind’s love of hitting has anything to do with it, slug bug will live on! 









Slug bug is the game where you get to inflict delightful vehicular violence on a dear relative or friend.  Sisters and brothers are often targets of choice.  The rules are pretty simple, as explained by  Urban Dictionary:

Whoever sees a VW Beetle first gets to pick someone in the car to punch.  Rules vary from car to car but the most common are…

-1 punch for a Beetle.

-2 punches for a VW bus (“double slug bug“)

-If someone punches you and it turns out there was no Beetle…

…you can give them a return punch.

-Once a car has been tagged on, it can’t be reused until the car you’re riding in has been turned off and turned back on.

Happy hitting!

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