Time To Get A Move On

May is National Moving Month. If you are thinking, “Finally, a tastefully written blog about something I can relate to—laxatives.” Uh, no. Sorry, gastroenterology fans.

This is moving as in selling the house, breaking the lease, yanking the kids out of school, uprooting the family, getting estimates on draft horses, living out of cardboard boxes for weeks on end. The fun kind of moving!

Actually, more people move their stuff, George Carlin, during June, July and August.

But, who’s counting?  The U.S. Census Bureau, that’s who.  They say the average American moves 11.7 times in their life.

Question: How do you move .7 times?  I’m thinking my “.7 ” time was when I secretly lived in Jim Rohn’s basement for 2 years. (Yes, I finally broke down and told him I was down there.  But not until .7 years in).

American Moving and Storage Association says,

Approximately 83.8 percent of people move within the same state, 13.2 percent move out of state and 0.33 percent move to another country

Mayflower adds,

43 million Americans move annually, and the distances they move have increased every year since 1998. Military or government employment-related moves account for about 18 percent of all moves. After 1965, the number of moves in a person’s life declined 5 percent.

If you’re moving, here are some tips to make it less of a hassle and more…throat clear…fun!

Have a garage sale. It can help cut down on what items, or children, you don’t want to move. Donate the rest.

Update your mailing address for family, friends and bookie.

Give each room a different colored marker for labeling boxes. Draw corresponding symbols or pictures on boxes.  For example, the box of stuff with “ZZZ” on it goes in the bedroom. The one with a picture of a flame and puff of smoke goes in the kitchen. See? Fun!!

Visit www.updater.com for more great moving tips.