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Tragedy: Elementary School Massacre


At Least 19 Children Were Killed in a Massacre at a Texas Elementary School

(Uvalde, TX.) An 18-year-old gunman killed at least 19 kids and two adults at an elementary school in Texas yesterday, May 24th.  The shooter was shot and killed, but by then, it had already become the deadliest American school shooting since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

It happened at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, a rural town about 90 minutes west of San Antonio.  At approximately 11:32 A.M. local time, an 18-year-old male entered the school with several guns and opened fire.

At least 19 children and two adults were killed, but others were seriously hurt, so it’s possible that the number will be higher.  At least one of the adults was a teacher.

According to reports, the 18-year-old shooter was Salvador Ramos.  He had attended a nearby high school.  He was wearing body armor during the massacre  and was eventually shot and killed by law enforcement at the school, while exchanging fire with the officers.

The exact timeline is still being pieced together, but the shooter shot his grandmother at her home (she’s in critical condition). Then he crashed his truck through a barrier at the school and went in and started the rampage.

Law enforcement sources in Texas said the shooter had a handgun, an AR-15 assault weapon, and high capacity magazines.  They believe he acted alone.

It’s unclear if the shooter targeted that specific school, or if it was just chance . . . but it does seem like it was premeditated.  A former classmate said that he texted him photos of the AR-15 and a bag full of ammo days before the attack.

social media account that belonged to the shooter showed him teasing the carnage.  And his Instagram account was mostly just selfies and photos of guns.

A Texas State Senator said that the shooter turned 18 just “days ago,” and purchased two assault rifles on his 18th birthday.  It’s not clear if they were used in the massacre.

There’s no indication yet what the motive might have been.