Tree Car Tours Todd County

You know the old saying, “Cars don’t grow on trees.”  Alright, maybe that’s not a saying.  Unless you drive by the Pesta farm in Todd County near Clotho, MN.

Then, it makes perfect sense.  Especially when you see the one owner, multi-branched Chevy Bel Air parked out yonder.  I’m guessing the one owner was Joyce Kilmer. (Not to be confused with Joyce De Witt, star of the hit comedy Tree’s Company.)

It features a genuine wood grain finish around the dash.  And through the distributor cap.

Forget about Chevrolet’s eco-friendly Volt.  With with the cherry pictured above, Chevy’s really “going green.”

Granted, the wood-powered performer might need a little TLC.  But, if you’re a halfway competent shade tree mechanic and/or tree doctor, she looks like one sweet ride.  (Caution: allow four to six weeks to get used to having the trunk in the front).

Time for a song!

Hit it, Melanie…

She’s real fine my 409.

Everybody!  Second verse!

She’s real fine my Norway Pine.

I know what you’re thinking, “Shotgun, she’s real fine this 409.  But, I’m looking for new. Does Clotho have a Chevy dealership?”  Beats me.  However, they do have a branch office.

Car With Tree Growing Out Of It Fun Fact: Most popular transmission on cars with deciduous or majestic evergreens growing out of them–“three on the tree.”

Car With Tree Growing Out Of It Fun Fact #2: Onboard tree requires deep root feeding twice a year.  You can easily do this through the glove compartment.

Next time you’re near Clotho, traveling down that lonesome road in your ridiculously treeless vehicle…


…look over and picture what a Chevy Bel Air with optional Weeping Willow would look like in your driveway.  I’m heading there now to get one to use in the next floral arrangement contest.

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