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TV Show for the 125th Anniversary of Kensington Runestone Discovery


Tune in this weekend for this century and a quarter long controversy of a local historic artifact. The Kensington Runestone will get a special TV show to air this weekend.  Co-host of the television series “Secrets of the Viking Stone,” Elroy Balgaard, will give a presentation on the Kensington Runestone on Saturday, April 29, 125 years after its discovery.

More about the show

Actor Peter Stormare’s personal and often humorous journey through Minnesota to learn the truth about the Kensington Runestone, a disputed proof that vikings discovered America, through meetings with scholars, skeptics and sensationalists.

You can visit the Kensington Runestone, who’s home is the Runestone Museum located in beautiful downtown Alexandria. Videos, expert analysis and powerful evidence is at your finger tips for you to decide if it’s real or not!

More About the Runestone Museum

The Runestone and the enduring mystery of its origin continues to be the hallmark of the Runestone Museum. This intriguing artifact was discovered in 1898, clutched in the roots of an aspen tree on the Olof Öhman farm near Kensington, MN (15 miles southwest of Alexandria). The Runestone has led researchers from around the world and across the centuries on an exhaustive quest to explain how a runic artifact, dated 1362, could show up in North America.