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Update on Midwest Machinery Fire


An update on a business destroyed in a fire earlier this week In Madison, Minnesota… Midwest Machinery is looking to open a temporary site. They specialized in John Deer and Ag Equipment.

With farmer’s spring planting just around the corner, the company representatives said they are committed to meeting those needs and keeping the site’s 23 employees on the job.

Midwest Machinery in Madison shared this message, “As we work our way through the devastating loss of our Madison store, we need to remember what was not lost. The Madison Midwest Machinery team is a collection of the best and most hardworking people, faithfully serving their customers, growers, and their community.
It is in the toughest of times like this that an organization can measure its capacity. We are incredibly proud of how the team showed up, came together, and supported each other and our customers.
As a top company value, we approach our work with family and the local community in mind. We are committed to supporting our employees and their families. While we work through this transition, it is our utmost commitment to keep our staff working and operating at a “normal” capacity.
We want to thank all the personnel who responded to this incident, including 23 different agencies and departments. All the support from the community has not gone unnoticed. “