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We Have Too Much Money

What do you do when you have too much money?  Throw it out the window.

Motorists on Interstate 880 near Oakland, California braked to a halt to scoop up cash tossed out of a car window by mourners following a funeral.  California Highway Patrol officers received multiple reports of cash strewn across several lanes of the busy thoroughfare. 

When authorities caught up with the vehicle in question the occupants said they were honoring the man who died.  The people in the car said they flung out around $500 in $20 bills.  Dumping the dollars to honor the deceased was, in the words of one relative,  “An Oakland thing.”   Maybe, but why take chances?  If the next car leaving Kincaid Cemetery detours to Glenwood State Bank, I’m following.

Hey, if you can’t take it with you….

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