What In The Wide, Wide World Of Sporks Is Going On?

I’ve looked at sporks from both sides now.  From up and down and still somehow.  I really don’t know sporks.  At all.  But that changes June 21st when we meet ‘Forky’ in Toy Story 4.  Cool.  

Dinnerware isn’t seen as toyful all that much, anymore. Sure, there was that incident when the dish ran away with the spoon.  And when Mom tried to convince you that a spoon—carrying creamed ???—was an airplane.

(I quit buying that toy story well before I turned, uh, 28).  But this summer, thanks to Pixar, the spork gets its just desserts. The King of Utensils will be recognized, big screen-wise, for the toyness it holds within!

Which brings us to this burning issue: if Disney can recognize the toyousness of the spork, shouldn’t also the National Toy Hall of Fame?

C’mon, National Toy Hall of Fame.  All of us in the Spork Appreciation Society are waaaaiiiting.  Don’t make us Occupy you like we had to do to Wall Street.  NTHOF, get on the stick—also a toy (Class of 2008).  Insert eye-roll here.

NTHOF selection committee, please consider these nominees for 2020 induction:

A) The spork (See Toy Story 4).

B) Used-up Liquid Dish Soap Bottle.  Forerunner to the Super Soaker (Class of 2015).  A trusty companion when needing to squirt little sisters and friends.

C) Snow.  If a blanket gets in (Class of 2011)—additional eye-rolling goes here—because you can make a fort out of it

then there’s no question about snow.  Are you kidding?  It’s fort makeability credentials are second to none.  Not to mention all the men, women, sporks, etc. kids build with it. And it’s whimsical usefulness is unsurpassed when needing to throw something at little sisters and friends.

In conclusion, members of the committee, go see the movie.  Now, stick a spork in me. I’m done.

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