Jill Kelly demonstrates why we don't need any more snow.

City of Alexandria Issues Winter Weather Procedures In Advance of Snow

We have plenty of snow, but like it or not, we’re gonna get more winter weather this weekend.  According to Too Tall Tom, we’re looking at the potential of six to ten inches of snow on Saturday in the Alexandria area.  

The City of Alexandria has issued Winter Weather Procedures including: 

  • Do not park on the city streets.
  • Do not put garbage cans on city streets or public right of way.
  • When the snow stops, please clear public sidewalks within 24 hours.
  • Vehicles must be removed within 72 hours of the snow occurrence.
  • If a Snow Emergency is declared, all vehicles must be removed from city streets for the determined amount of time.  
  • Public Works will start snow plowing at approximately 3 pm on Saturday and will work through the night in clearing the streets. 

This snow has the potential to be very heavy.  Please practice safe shoveling – take breaks, lift with your legs – not your back, lift smaller shovelfuls of snow rather than heavy shovelfuls. 

Be safe this weekend – if you don’t need to leave your home, DON’T.  If you absolutely need to travel, check out the roads in our state first at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.








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